The Best of Both Worlds

The choice between a rear toe plate and a double boot can be the slalom skiers’ biggest decision. Both have their benefits, the full rear boot gives you a more secure feeling and allows the ski to respond more accurately.  The rear toe boot allows a skier to lift their heel and have more movement in the rear foot.  Finally slalom skiers have the choice to use a hybrid rear toe plate – which keeps the benefits of both the standard rear toe plate and a full boot. With the hybrid binding on the back of your ski you are given the ability to lift and move your rear foot, get up with your back foot out of the binding, and the security and responsiveness of a double boot.

I have ridden both a  double boot and a rear toe plate and personally prefer the mobility in the rear toe plate. After demoing Radar’s HRT, I am now changing my set up.  At first, this hybrid binding felt a little weird, but the increased control I felt while still enjoying the movement of my rear foot have given me the best of both worlds.  In addition, if you are one who struggles with knee problems with the double boots, but love being “one” with the ski you will benefit from this hybrid style rear binding.

From here on out, I know what my back foot will be stepping in.


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