The Best of Both Worlds

The choice between a rear toe plate and a double boot can be the slalom skiers’ biggest decision. Both have their benefits, the full rear boot gives you a more secure feeling and allows the ski to respond more accurately.  The rear toe boot allows a skier to lift their heel and have more movement in the rear foot.  Finally slalom skiers have the choice to use a hybrid rear toe plate – which keeps the benefits of both the standard rear toe plate and a full boot. With the hybrid binding on the back of your ski you are given the ability to lift and move your rear foot, get up with your back foot out of the binding, and the security and responsiveness of a double boot.

I have ridden both a  double boot and a rear toe plate and personally prefer the mobility in the rear toe plate. After demoing Radar’s HRT, I am now changing my set up.  At first, this hybrid binding felt a little weird, but the increased control I felt while still enjoying the movement of my rear foot have given me the best of both worlds.  In addition, if you are one who struggles with knee problems with the double boots, but love being “one” with the ski you will benefit from this hybrid style rear binding.

From here on out, I know what my back foot will be stepping in.


Future of Wakeboards

Until now there has only been a few styles of wake boards, the 3 stage rocker, continuos, 5 stage, or hybrid. Ronix has visioned the future of wake boarding with a whole new style of a wakeboard, the camber board. This style board has everything that a rider needs to progress in wake boarding. The camber board has more than 2 arcs, it actually slants in on the bottom allowing water to have the ability to hit your back foot which causes your balance to be more centered then far back. For anyone that wake boards we all know that we have the urge of riding with weight on our back foot. The camber style will help even out the weight distribution giving you less stress on your back leg and a different but balanced pop when edging at the wake. Come into Redline Watersports to learn more about the camber boards and which board would fit your riding style.

Transform Your Surf Wave

We’ve heard it all when it comes to theories of how to get a better, crisper, bigger surf wave.  While we can’t all upgrade to the new MasterCraft Gen-2, Ronix and Eight.3 have another solution – The Wakesurf Shaper.

Eight-3_WakeshaperThis device easily mounts to the lower/back point of the starboard or port side of your boat hull for a premier surf wake on either side. It has been tested from every aspect of boating – waterski boats, crossover boats, older V-Drives, newer V-Drives, – one thing is constant, this is a game changer. Never has there been this type of aftermarket device that can so easily be mounted to the side of the hull – that makes this kind of difference. With a built in handle it is easy to move to either side of your boat, and is best primed with some loaded Eight.3 ballast.

Ever wonder where the name Eight.3 came from?  Well, in 2013, Square 1 launched this new brand with 1 goal – make boating easy…It’s name, Eight.3 comes from one gallon of water which is equal to Eight.3 pounds. 1 Gallon = Eight.3 pounds.

MasterCraft Boats Honored with 2015 IndustryWeek Best Plants Award

2015-Best-Plants-Seal-WinnerMarine Manufacturer Recognized for Operational Excellence, CustomerSatisfaction and Rewarding Workplace

VONORE, Tenn. (Jan. 19, 2016) – MasterCraft Boats (NASDAQ: MCFT) today
joined very elite company being named among the 2015 IndustryWeek Best
Plants, a prestigious award honoring operational excellence in leading-edge
manufacturing facilities across North America.

For over two decades, the IndustryWeek Best Plants award has recognized
companies that have successfully implemented strategies to increase
competitiveness, enhance customer satisfaction and foster stimulating work
environments. The goal is for other companies to then emulate these best
practices. Highly respected, U.S.-based manufacturers such as Harley Davidson,
Lockheed Martin and Toyota have won this honor in the past.

“MasterCraft is honored to earn the 2015 IndustryWeek Best Plants award and
be recognized among these elite manufacturing facilities,” said Terry McNew,
President and CEO of MasterCraft. “Across the company, we continue to set new
benchmarks for operational excellence and establish best practices in
manufacturing. Our dedicated employees, management team and board
members each were instrumental in the company earning this award.”

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Raise Money to End MS

MS_wateR-ski_FundraiserJoin Redline, Jans Fans, Country Financial and the Anchor Inn as we raise money to find a cure for MS.  We’ll be on the Rock River, Saturday, April 11, 12:00-4:00 ready to hit the water.  The Naughty Mermaid Bar will be open serving your favorite beverages (hot and cold) while the MasterCraft ProStar and NXT20 will be in the water.

After skiing, footin’, wakeboarding – or whatever your  fav is – in the cold April water your limbs may feel numb and fatigued – this is what 2.5 million people with MS live with everyday!  Won’t you help?  Get your pledge cards from Redline or make a donation on line HERE   The fee to ski is $40.

MasterCraft X-23 Wins NMMA Innovation Award

NMMA_award_x-X-23MasterCraft Wins Coveted NMMA Innovation Award for the X23 – Its Revolutionary New Surf-Centric Boat

VONORE, Tenn. (Feb. 17, 2015) – MasterCraft Boats was honored with yet another Innovation Award from the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) for its revolutionary X23, the first boat designed from the fins up specifically for surfing. The NMMA works in partnership with Boat Writers International to recognize manufacturers and suppliers who introduce new, innovative products to the marine industry with a direct benefit to the consumer.

Awarded in advance of the Miami International Boat Show, this year’s field consisted of a record number of products for consideration with only seventeen finalists being selected for their technological advancements and laudable contributions to the boating community. MasterCraft has been a perennial winner of the award walking away with two NMMA Innovation Awards in 2014 for a total of five awards over the last six years.

“MasterCraft implemented a company-wide charter this past year to build the best surf boat on the market,” said Terry McNew, President and CEO of MasterCraft Boat Company. “Today’s recognition by the NMMA and Boat Writers International serves as validation from the most trusted voices in the industry that we have achieved this goal.”

The judges recognized the X23’s groundbreaking hull design and compartmentalized ballasts capable of delivering the longest, most customizable waves on the market. The boat introduces an entirely new zone for surfing, nearly twenty feet of curling barrel, with options for both goofy and regular riders.

The X23 is equipped with MasterCraft’s Gen 2 Surf System, itself a winner of an NMMA Innovation Award in 2014, providing perfectly shaped, chest high waves at the touch of a button.

The X23 is part of MasterCraft’s legendary lineup of towboats, all frontrunners in their own right. The ProStar, recipient of the 2014 NMMA Innovation Award, continues to set the industry standard in competitive waterskiing while the award-winning XStar continues to dominate the competitive wakeboarding scene. Together, these three flagship boats deliver MasterCraft’s unmatched performance across all watersports categories – from waterskiing, to wakeboarding or wakesurfing.

The one and only X-23 coming to Madison is scheduled to arrive later this month – Be sure to visit the showroom to see this masterpiece in person.

Boat Buyer’s Guide 2015

2015 Boat Show Buyer's Guide


Don’t compromise on your dream boat. Come to the boat show prepared with everything you need to make the right purchase–and be ready to join the family of stoked MasterCraft owners.

We’ve outlined ten rules for success when buying a boat. Whether you’re a tow sports veteran deep in the research process, or just dipping a toe in—this guide will give you everything buyers need to know.